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Make Your Voice Heard: Vote!

The next election cycle across the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe’s (MCT) six Bands: Bois Forte, Fond du Lac, Grand Portage, Leech Lake, Mille Lacs, and White Earth will be for the Chair and one (1) Representative for each of the Reservations.

With the Chair position open on each Band, 50% of the MCT Tribal Executive Committee (TEC) is up for election. The TEC is made up of the Chairperson and Secretary Treasurer from each of the six Bands. Therefore, the election results in your community have a big impact for all MCT members. In addition, one district seat will also be open for each Band, which means that a total of 2 of 5 seats on each of the Reservation Business Council/Reservation Tribal Council are up for election. These elected leaders make and implement laws that affect our everyday lives and decide how budgets will be spent on programs like health and education at the local level.

You have probably heard phrases like, “Every Vote Counts” during past tribal, state, and national elections. In small communities such as ours, every vote does count and can often be pivotal—elections have been won with margins of even two or three votes! The future is determined by those who show up on election day.

Your vote is more important than ever since the MCT is beginning to enter a period of constitutional reform. We have opportunities to make real and informed changes. You have the opportunity to actively shape how the MCT moves ahead with constitutional reform and who you vote for will impact this process.

Zaagibagaang, a grassroots effort formed by MCT members that focuses on tribal governance and nation building, is focused on increasing voter awareness. We encourage everyone to Get Informed & Get Involved.

It is important to do your research on each candidate running in your reservation’s election. Most will share their candidate positions in the tribal newsletter. Also, please keep your eyes and ears open for Candidate Forums where you can meet with each prospective leader in person. You may find Facebook as an important source of candidates’ stance on several issues—either on their personal or shared pages. While they may be reaching out to you in-person or via standard mail, you should also feel free to find them directly to find out their platforms on issues that are important to you.

Your vote matters. Your vote counts. Your Band’s leadership needs to know what issues are important to you. MCT is in a state of change and through your vote and participation, you will not only affect changes today but you will shape the future for your children, grandchildren, and descendants. When you make your decision to vote, think of what is at stake.

Chi miigwech!

For more information on MCT’s history and our cultural teachings, please visit or our Facebook page.

For specific voting questions contact your reservation’s election office or the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe: 218 335 8581,